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Want The Job Done Right, You MUST Come In To Price It Right!

A vehicle that came in for just a bumper

Mahoods Collision and Hot Rods try to do the best we can, but we just can't give estimates with out looking at the vehicle. There is so many things that a photo doesn't show you. What's under a bumper or if you get hit in the door, what's behind the door panel. Did the window channel brake, did the safety bar get bent or the welds brake. What about the color, is it one stage or a three stage paint. If the car is more than a year old the color has to be blended into other panels to match. All things that a picture can't tell you. So if I price by the picture we most of the time will loose. Plus if you have that easy Insurance app on your smart phone and send your photo to them. I guarantee the quick check you get in the mail will be a lot less than it cost to repair by a reputable Body Shop. The Insurance Company is banking on you not getting it fixed or just having these young kids try and fix it themselves. Here's a vehicle that came in for a bumper. But look it needs a complete lower trunk. It's caved in.

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