Q.  Do I need to inform my insurance company before you repair my car?
A.  Yes! Get the car to us, so we can have the estimate ready for the Insurance Company when they come. Then make your Call and say it's at Mahoods Collision and Hot Rods. Once a claim number is assigned, we work with your insurance company to reach an agreed repair settlement and then contact you for the outcome.

Q.  Is a rental car available while you repair my car?
A.  Yes. In fact we have an Enterprise rental agency down the street. Check with your insurance company for payment options.

Q.  My car is not drivable. Can you tow my car to your shop?
A.  Yes. Simply call us with the location of your car and we will arrange to have it towed to our facility.

Q.  Are you Authorized or Certified.
A.  Yes! Here at Mahoods Collision and Hot Rods we are a Authorized Collision, Body and Paint Repair Center for AAA and all other Insurance Companies. Many of our technicians have been loyal employees from 15 to 35 years. We have the latest equipment and use the best paint materials that meet factory requirements and more.

Q.  What if the cost of repairs is more than my car is worth?
A.  Usually, the insurance company would offer you a cash-settlement or repair with used or aftermarket parts as long as it's safe. Some people just love there vehicle and want it saved and keep it in the Family. That's where we can help you with the insurance company.

Q.  If we have a Insurance deductible, does it get paid to you?

A.  Most of the time, but sometimes If you get the check they will deduct if from you. You pay us the deductible.


My insurance company said we're not on their list? Can I get my car fixed at your place?

YES YOU CAN! You can take your car to any shop of your choice, and we can guide you through the process. Also remember the guarantee is with us and backed by The State of California BAR.  Give us a call and we will handle it with you!

If you have any questions please CALL us (714) 575-8940 or come by.

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