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I want to Talk about Insurance Companies now going to smart phone app's.

Lets talk about insurance companies first. They are a business just like every business out there. They need to make money. Now, that you understand that. Lets get to the main topic.

Insurance companies are trying to make things easier for themselves and less employee's to save money. They have developed phone apps so its easier for you to put in an insurance claim and get a check in the mail. That saves them time and money.

That's great for you too. Just think, you take photos on your smart phone send the pictures to the Insurance Company and look how easy that is and saves you so much time. Great for you! Now the check comes in the mail and you have lots of options you can do.

First you can keep the money, pay bills or just have fun or You can try and fix it yourself and save some money. Again Great for you.

Next you can take your vehicle to a collision body shop that your insurance company sends you to and get it fixed or any Body Shop that you choose. But I guarantee the bill for your repairs will be more than what your insurance company sent you. Why because a picture doesn't tell the whole story and that's what the insurance company is banking on. The younger generation is just taking the money. Think about whats behind that picture that you don't see There's always other parts and what if the paint don't match, that means you have to blend paint into other parts of your vehicle. That's more money. Your insurance company is hoping you don't fix it so it saves them lots of money. Are you getting the picture.

A collision shop can turn in a supplement to get paid for the extra time and parts but that ties your vehicle up longer to get approval. So think about it, did you save anything, NO! Unless you just think your going to fix it yourself or just keep the money. Please take your vehicle to the Body Shop of your choice and get it fixed right and let them deal with you insurance.

Body shops represent you the customer and they get things taken care of for you.

Remember Mahoods Collision and Hot Rods. There here for you!

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